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April Racing Report

April was another big month for Run Your Personal Best athletes as we had 8 personal best’s.

Despite the horribly windy conditions we had four runners in the Hot Chocolate 15k and 5k and 3 walked away with personal bests. After a short recovery week from the Love Run both Adam T. (above) and Meghan M (below) walked away with 15k personal bests. Adam averaged a smoking 8:44 per mile while Meghan easily ticked 8:10’s.

In the 5k, Valerie C. completed her first race ever in preparation for Broad Street. Joining Run Your Personal Best two months ago, Valerie had done minimal running and had signed up for Broad Street. Week after week Valerie keeps getting fitter and steadily running longer. Also running the 5k was Tracy M., one of our newer clients. Tracy is training for Broad Street and covered the 5k course in 38:15. Well done!

Kathleen N. also competed her first race ever placing an amazing 19th Overall in the Run to Overcome 5k in Mercer County New Jersey. Kathleen has been training with us for about three months now. When she started she was struggling to run 2.5 under 11 minutes per mile. Now she’s running 3 miles averaging 9:20’s per mile.

Next Brett C (above), who has been with for us for just about a year, traveled down to DC fro the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. If you haven’t ran this race. It’s a must, one of my favorite road races. Due to an earlier accident on the race course the officials had to shorten the course to 9.5 miles, however that didn’t stop Brett from running what would have most likely been a 10 mile personal best. Brett covered the 9.5 mile course in 1:12:58, averaging 7:43 per mile.

Keith C (above), who’s raced every weekend for the past two months competed in the Swamp Creek 5k, 5’n’Dime, the Camp Innabah 5k and the Sandy Sprint 10k. In the 5’nDime Keith smashed his pervious personal best by over 1min 20sec (31:46) running 30:20, which placed him 2nd Overall and 1st in age group. He also placed 6th overall at the hilly Camp Iannbah 5k and he bettered his 10k personal best by one minute for a 37:48 and 4th place overall. What a great month for Keith.

Danielle G competed in one the most prestigious marathon in the world, The 119th Boston Marathon. Danielle put up a solid performance of 3:08 on a tricky course that really is rough on the legs.

Finally, competing against mostly college athletes at Widener University, Matt F (above) lined up for his first track race in 10 years and nailed it. Matt broke what is a huge barrier in the 5k, breaking the 16 minute barrier running 15:58. Congrats Matt.

Welcome new Run Your Personal Best athletes!

Kirsten from West Chester, PA – Training for Broad Street

Karthik from Lansdale, PA – Training to make Varsity Cross Country

Phil from Elkins Park, PA – Training for Philly Marathon

Ellie from Phila, PA – Training for Broad Street

Maria from NJ – Training for her 1st ½ Marathon

Karen & Eric from PA – Training for their 1st Marathon

Christine from NJ – Training for NYC Marathon

Stanton from NJ – Training for Pro Baseball Tryouts 60m Dash

May Races:

Broad Street: Keith C, Meghan M, Adam T, Diana H, Ellie W, Matthew R, Kristen W, Valerie C, Paulina M and Tracy M.

Brett C. – St Michaels ½ Marathon

Matt F. - Swarthmore Last Chance Meet (5000m) and Teal Ribbon 5k

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