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Running has the power to transform lives.
Let us transform yours.

When Beth set out to run the Philadelphia Marathon in 2017, she had the ambitious goal of a 3:35 Boston Marathon qualifying time. Unfortunately, she crossed the finish line in a disappointing 3:45.

Taking stock of what went wrong, Beth determined her current training methods weren’t cutting it. She turned to Run Your Personal Best for help, and five months later, ran her dream race: a Boston Marathon Qualifying time in 3:31.

Since then, Beth has stuck with her coach's plans, hitting shiny new PRs at every distance from the 5k to the marathon. The physician and mother of three has done it all while working full time as a medical director at multiple facilities.

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While Beth’s story may differ from yours, we all share the same sense of joy and accomplishment when running confidently - no matter your ability. It carries over to all aspects of your daily life. You approach every new day with a sense of vigor and optimism.

Why Work With Us?

We understand that running may not be your first priority in life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to you. You're eager to improve and willing to work hard to do so.


Great coaching is all about meeting you where you are, as both a runner and everyday parent, spouse, professional, or friend and then designing a running program that not only fits with your lifestyle, but also your experience level.


Training should be challenging, but not break your back. Your workouts should motivate you, not scare you. Helping you run faster is more than just prescribing workouts. It’s about encouragement, feedback and guidance.


Based on this philosophy we’ve developed a system that works to get you faster while helping you run longer, stronger, and more confidently and we have the testimonials to prove it. This customized approach is just a piece of what sets Run Your Personal Best coaches apart from the rest.


Unlike many other running coaches, this isn’t our side gig, it’s our main gig.  Our coaches have devoted a large part of their lives to learning and excelling in the art of running.  Coaching isn't just our career, it's our passion.


No matter what type, age, or ability level runner you are, we’re here to meet you where you are today and take you beyond where you want to be. We are dedicated to your success, 24/7.


When you work with us, you can expect

            Training programs rooted in science and fine-tuned with experience

            A friendly 1-to-1 experience with your coach

            Easy and prompt communication with your coach

            Training that fits your lifestyle

            A genuine interest in your success


Founder &

Head Coach

Founder &

Head Coach

Founder &

Head Coach


Cory Smith

Elite runner and coach for over 25 years.


Cory holds a USA Track & Field Level 1 and 2 Endurance Certification. His training methodologies evolved from a mentorship with world-renowned coach & four-time Olympian Marcus O'Sullivan.

His personal bests include a 4:03 mile, 8:05 3k, 14:13 5k and a 1:10:28 half marathon at age 36.

Coach Brandon Birdsong

Coach &

Elite Director


Brandon Birdsong

Elite runner and coach for over 15 years.


Brandon holds a BS in exercise physiology. He has been mentored by the world's best distance coaches, including Damon Martin, 30-time winner of National Coach of the Year.

He is a 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier and holds personal bests of 29:54 10k and 1:04:21 half marathon.

Meet The Coaches


Expertise that only comes through years of experience

  • Has been featured in Runner's World, Outside, Trail Runner, Men’s Journal and Muscle & Fitness

  • Two-Time NCAA Division I National Championships Qualifier

  • Eight-Time NCAA Division I Regionals Qualifier 

  • Held three Maryland State Records 

  • State Street Mile Record Holder (30 to 39 Age Group)

  • Former Head Cross Country and Track Coach at Penn State Brandywine


Cory has been an elite level rock climber for the

past 25 years

  • Has been featured in Runner’s World, USA Today & Daily Mail

  • Coached multiple Olympic Trials Qualifiers

  • 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier

  • Two-Time NCAA Division II All-American 

  • Colorado Cross-Country Championships – First-Place 

  • BolderBoulder – Second-Place Finish

  • USATF Colorado – 10K Champion

  • 3th Place in 2016 World Championships of Elliptical Cycling


Brandon proposed to his fiance after finishing the 

2016 Olympic Marathon Trials

Fun facts about our coaches 

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follow me on strava
Running Coach Cory Smith
Running Coach Brandon Birdson
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