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Athlete Profile: Chris Lewis

Coaches Note: Chris joined the Run Your Personal Best team in December 2016 to prepare for the Revel Marathon in Nevada where he set a personal best by 7 minutes and is now training for his second marathon on Oct 28th. Chris is one of the hardest working runners rarely missing a workout or run and can be found running his 18 mile long runs on an indoor track.

Name: Chris Lewis

Age: 45

Occupation: Pastor

Where do you live? Greensboro, NC

How many years have you been running? Varying volumes and intensities for 25 years

What are you training for? What are your goals? Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon

Why do you run? Running serves to help make me the best version of me I can be!

What do you like best about working with Run Your Personal Best? Having Cory’s as a trusted coach, offering his direction and encouragement, is an invaluable asset.

What advice would you give to other runners? Be patient and stick with it. Bad miles or days will come, but they won’t stay that way. There’s joy in enduring.

What’s your favorite (or type) workout? Although I have affinities for both the weekly long run and the more intense, weekly tempo run, I value the daily grind and discipline of the regular ole “putting in the miles” run!

What’s your favorite race you‘ve ever run? Why? Although not a race, my favorite run was running Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon. Not only an epic adventure, but the experience furthered my love for God and others.

What gets you through tough runs or days you don’t want to run? Go = Grow. Whether it’s growing in confidence, strength, perseverance, patience, or joy, going on a run always yields some opportunity to grow.

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