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Road to C.I.M - 12 Weeks till Race Day

Weeks till C.I.M: 12

Weeks of Training: 7

Total Miles Run: 213.2

Running out by UCSB. Selfie time!

Made it through another tough week of training, and it’s going great. Goal for the week was 40 miles, with a Fartlek and a Hilly Long Run. Although we have just started getting into workouts, I am feeling stronger than I ever have. My running has gotten a lot better thanks to one thing — PACING. Cory has preached the importance of pacing to me long enough. I used to be so focused on hitting a certain pace, I was running myself ragged. I never allowed myself to run any slower than an 8:00 min/mile Over the last year it has been becoming more and more apparent to me, that in order to successfully train, you need to always be aware of your perceived effort level. How fast you are going can often be completely irrelevant. We have to learn to gauge and control how “hard” our body is working. I think that is the main reason most of our mileage is at maintenance or recovery effort.

I was really pleased with my workouts this week. I was focused, and I executed them well. However, the highlight of my training week is my new neighbors. An old teammate of mine just moved in a couple houses down from me. I’m not sure he knows it yet, but he is going to be running a lot of miles with me again. Running and training solo is tough, finding support is important, and having a running buddy is always a fun option!

All in all, my legs are heavy but my breathing keeps getting easier. Training for the marathon is all about spending time out on the road (…and trails) running. Building that base is what will help me get to Boston, and the only way there — consistency!

My assistant coaches: Marlo and Mia ----->

Happy Trails!

Yann Le Maitre

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