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Athlete Profile: Kelle Farris

Name: Kelle Farris

Age: 42

Where do you live? Portland, Maine

How many years have you been running? 13

What are you training for? What are your goals? I am training for The Rock and Roll Marathon in Savannah, GA. My goal is to run an under 4 hr marathon.

Why do you run? I run for fitness, both physical fitness and mental fitness. Running is how I relieve stress.

What do you like best about working with Run Your Personal Best? The workouts! This is my 11th marathon and I have never had such variety in the workouts! I also love that most of my runs have me practicing how to pace. That has always been a struggle for me.

What advice would you give to other runners? It is really important to never lose the fact that finishing the race is an accomplishment! I have ruined marathon finishes because I didn't get the exact time I wanted...

What’s your favorite (or type) workout? Long runs

What’s your favorite race you‘ve ever run? Why? The Cape Cod Marathon in 2014. My goal for that race was to enjoy every mile. I met a runner at mile 6 and we ran until mile 21 where he urged me to go ahead. I was mentally so happy those last 5 miles!

What gets you through tough runs or days you don’t want to run? On days like that I will tell myself that even if it isn't the best run it is better than not running at all. Or I play mental games like if I have to run 7 miles, I will give myself permission in my mind to run 5 but 99% of the time I do the workout I was scheduled to do!

Is there anything else you’d like to add? I really have enjoyed training this year and it has all to do with Run your Personal Best!.

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