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Athlete Profile - Laura Bee

Name: Laura Bee

Age (Optional): 32 for now.

Occupation (Optional): video editor.

Where do you live? Jakarta, Indonesia.

How many years have you been running? Since 2013. So 4 years at the moment.

What are you training for? What are your goals? Well, for now my priority goal is Boston.

Why do you run? Beside healthy, running help increase my awareness and body performance. My brain somehow works clearly and easy to focus. My sleep and metabolism are also better.

What do you like best about working with Run Your Personal Best? For me, the customized program that Cory made for me is super easy to follow, challenging but doesn’t destroy my leg. Most important thing, the progress is real and the result are proven!

Cory is fast respond and I can discuss everything without limitation.

The price is also fair and very reasonable. I never had online running coach more than 4 months. Here, I’m still with Cory for almost a year and still going.

What advice would you give to other runners? Performance in running doesn’t build over a night. Don’t rush the process. Patience and consistency is the key. If you want to have more room improving, more skill, level up and make running more meaningful, invest yourself in hiring a coach. A must!

What’s your favorite (or type) workout? I’m not into speed person, but I do admit, once I do any 400, 600 and 800, the benefit is for real. Power horse workout, Cory said. And its true.

But I think any “nailed” workout is my favorite. I always nervous reading the word interval and tempo. Both are feel intense the night before, but when I nailed it, it’s the best feeling ever.

What’s your favorite race you‘ve ever run? Why? I have to say for now its Maybank Bali Marathon. Although I never ran any marathon there. One 10K and three half marathon. The course itself its hilly, but I think the main reason because its BALI. The atmosphere, the crowd, the people, everything is just magical for me. It’s a race and holiday in one package. Perfect.

What gets you through tough runs or days you don’t want to run? Think of my goal. It helps. Read stuffs about running. Article, book, magazine, anything. And watch lots of inspiring video also. Either documentary, movie, commercial, youtube.

Somehow when I choose not to running, and then I saw somebody running on the street or just watching youtube or facebook about inspiring people who run, makes me feel guilty not to running at the first place.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Running has now become part of my life. It’s like, instead of making time for running, it becomes me. My shoes are all running shoes. My holiday becomes my race event. Its amazing how running can change me. In a very positive way, of course.

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