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Road to C.I.M - 13 Weeks till Race Day

Weeks till C.I.M: 13

Weeks of Training: 6

Total Miles Run: 172.1

Well, here I am, gearing up to race a Marathon in December. I have been training with Cory for a little over 6 weeks now, and the miles are starting to add up. This last month and a half has been a smooth but persistent transition towards higher mileage. My workload has slowly creeped up and I will hopefully have 40 miles under my belt by the end of this week.

Romero Canyon Trail - recovering from a trail run through the mountains!

Every morning I wake up and have an email notification waiting from Run Your Personal Best. I have a reminder to get my run in, and a description of what needs to get done that day. Every run I do falls under a specific category - recovery run, maintenance run, progressive run, hilly run, and who knows what else moving forward. The variety in the training and the daily feedback from Cory has been ideal to help keep my mind on the prize.

My main fear moving into the marathon distance is my fear of the miles. I am scared of the wear and tear from the weekly mileage and I'm also nervous about the long run. My training plan has really helped make me feel more and more comfortable with the thought of being out on the road for 80-90 minutes at a time, and soon more. My mileage has gone up up slowly but surely, and along with it my confidence has gone up immensely. My daily schedule is jam-packed. I am a full-time student with a part-time job, and finding time in the day to get my runs in isn't always ideal. Not to mention doing all the necessary strength work, core exercises, and recovery routines. There are only so many hours in the day., but let me tell you - when you use them wisely, it is so rewarding! Finding the motivation to get your butt out the door can be so easy some days, and on others it’ll make you question your very own existence. Those days I remind myself of what running brings to mm life: fullfillment, focus, mindfullness and the ever so pleasant runners high!

Happy Trails!

Yann Le Maitre

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