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Road to C.I.M - 8 Weeks till Race Day

Weeks till C.I.M: 8

Weeks of Training: 11

Total Miles Run: 394.4

There is always a huge feeling excitement and anticipation leading up to a race. The thought of the race tends to pop in and out of my head a lot during my training, and even while I'm trying to relax at home. I picture the event, I try to imagine myself in the race, and most importantly I try to wrap my head around the fact that I'm going to have to give it my all for 13.1 miles.

My 11th week of training came to a close. Time flies! This last week I had my first race of the season, and the first real indicator of how well I can do at the marathon. My choice of venue: City to the Sea Half Marathon. A beautiful course that leads from the city of San Luis Obispo to the shores of Pismo Beach. I don't think I could have asked for better conditions. Thankfully, I tricked my buddy Brian into giving me a ride to SLO. The drive wasn't bad, just under 2 hours, but with a 4 AM departure. Having support and company sure makes preparing for the race a lot easier. The weather was perfect, cool temperatures with beautiful clear skies. The crips cool air made the warm up necessary, but I sure did appreciate it come mile 10.

A little post-race treat in Buellton on the way home.

The race ended up being a combination of good and bad. I was able to snag a 25 minute Personal Best on the Half Marathon, even though I cramped in the last mile and ended up hobbling to the finish line. I am left feeling satisfied with my efforts but longing for another shot at it. The most positive side of this experience was the overall confidence that I had in myself. When I stepped up to the line, I felt ready, I felt like I did the work necessary to be there. I was confident that I could execute my plan and grab a big Personal Best. My training has been going really well and that has really put me at ease. I'm becoming more assertive with my racing and I'm really putting myself out there. I love that Cory has been able to provide me with a workload and training plan that has met my mental and physical needs. Can't wait to get back at it -- after a day off!

On the way home from the race, we made sure to make some fun pit stops. Stopped in the countryside, in Buellton, and had some great food and a refreshing craft beer. This lead us back to the coast and to a beautiful hike up to the Gaviota Wind Caves.

Happy Trails!

Yann Le Maitre

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