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Athlete Profile: Yann Le Maitre

We are looking forward to connect our great team members and increase the reach of our wonderful running community. As part of this initiative, every month, we will introduce you guys to a new RUN YOUR PERSONAL BEST team member!

What are your 2017-2018 running goals?

"I have two major objectives over the next 12 months. First, I will be participating in my first marathon. Second, I hope to put myself in a situation where I can snag a BQ!"

Where are you from/located?

"I was born in France, however I have been living in sunny Santa Barbra, California for the last 8 years."

What gets you out the door? What motivates you to go running?

"I think that running has brought huge changes in my life. I have become more confident in both my personal and professional life through my running and my social life directly related to running. Every time I consider skipping a workout/run, I am flooded with a feeling of dissatisfaction. I feel guilty, I always want to thrive to better, thats what gets my a** out the door."

Favorite Pre/Post Run food?

"To be honest, I don't eat much pre-run, but I typically have water and baby food ready so I can refuel right when I finish running."

Favorite place to run?

"Here in Santa Barbara we have the most beautiful trails that head out into the mountains and overlook the ocean. Romero Canyon Trail is my absolute favorite and something of a local landmark."

Tell us something about yourself?

"I used to think running was stupid, and that runners were crazy. I now think running is fun, but I still think runners are crazy."

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