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Nike Pegasus 37 Review: Better than the Turbo?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Nike Pegasus Zoom Air 37 over hardwood floor

Who it’s for: Neutral runners looking for an everyday training shoe that’s offers a medium cushioning level while still being suitable for up-tempo running.

Better or worse than the Pegasus 36? Generally, I felt it’s a huge improvement over its predecessor. Nike added more cushioning with only a slight increase in weight.

White Nike Pegasus 37 with blue background

Key Updates

  • 2mm heel and forefoot stack height increase

  • .35 oz increase in overall weight

  • Uses Nike React midsole verses Cushlon as seen in the Peg 36

  • Replaced the full-length Zoom Air bag for a forefoot only Zoom Air bag

  • Air bag is twice as thick as the Pegasus 36 Zoom Air bag, offering more energy return

  • Air bag is gendered tuned. Men’s is 20psi and women’s is 15psi for softer feel for women’s

Black pair of Nike Pegasus 37 with the Nike logo

Right of the bat, I found the Nike Pegasus Air Zoom 37 to be a peppier shoe than its predecessor, the Nike Pegasus 36. While I really liked the Peg 36, I found it to be more of an up-tempo shoe, lacking cushioning. Thanks to the key updates, the Pegasus 37 feels much more suitable for everyday running.

Underfoot, it’s noticeably softer and more cushioned than the Pegasus 36. I found the Pegasus 37 to remind me a lot like the Pegasus Turbo. The main difference between the two is the Peg 37 uses Nike React midsole verses Nike ZoomX as seen on the Turbo. Is React better? Depends. It’s certainly more durable, than ZoomX midsole, yet it doesn’t carry the notoriety (mostly due to the VaporFly 4% using Zoomx)

Immediately, I noticed how loud the shoes were when they hit the ground. There’s no sneaking up on your competition in these bad boys. The beefed-up Zoom Air bag (twice as think as the Pegasus 36 Zoom Air bag) in the forefoot, gives the shoe a nosey slap as you hit the ground. Very similar sounding to the Vaporfly 4%. The increase in air bag size gave the ride a much softer underfoot feeling over its predecessor.

Nike increased the stack height by 2mm all-round from the Peg 36, yet I’d still call this a low-profile shoe. I typically like lower profiles for speed workouts and races dues to a lighter weight and more ground sensitively.

the midsole of the Nike Pegasus 37

Overall, I found all the updates to be a welcoming upgrade to the stable Nike shoe. It feels much more cushioned without losing responsiveness.

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