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How Does Online Running Coaching Work?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Our Premium Coaching takes your running to the next level.

Let’s look at how it works

How does online running coaching work

Once payment is setup, you’ll be directed to our Training History & Goals Analysis Questionnaire.

The questionnaire will ask about your:

  • Running History

  • Goals and Races

  • Preferred Running and Rest Days

  • Current and Peak Fitness Levels

  • Cross Training & Strength Training

Our detailed Training History & Goals Analysis Questionnaire.
Our detailed Training History & Goals Analysis Questionnaire.

You’ll also receive an email invite to create a Final Surge account. This is the app we use to:

  • Distribute your running, strength and cross training workouts

  • Monitor and track progression

  • Serve as the main avenue of communication between you and your coach.

That same day your coach will reach out via email or text to introduce himself and offer to setup an intro call.

Your dedicated coach will go over your questionnaire and ask any further training questions if needed.

He will have your first two weeks of training in your Final Surge account within 24 to 36 hours.

All our programs are 100% custom. No two training plans are alike.

customized training for runners

Your program is built using the information you provided in your Training History & Goals Analysis Questionnaire and during the intro call.

You’re off and training with your new personal running coach!

Let’s take a look at what your training may look like.

training app for runners schedule
A sample training that highlights the variety of workouts you can expect

Depending on your ability your training is variety filled with:

  • Maintenance Runs

  • Tempo Runs

  • Fartlek Runs

  • Interval Training

  • Hill Training

  • Long Runs

  • Recovery Runs

  • Cross Training

  • Strength Training

  • Active Isolation Stretching

  • Running Drills

Have a hectic or always changing schedule?

No problem. We can plan your workouts around the busiest of schedules.

Just let us know when you can workout and will take care of everything.

Can a training plan do that? I think NOT.

training for runners
A variable schedule for busy nurse. Yellow indicates she needed off (minus yellow race countdowns).

We have instructional videos for all our strength and cross training.

Video instruction for strength training, stretching and more
Video instruction for strength training, stretching and more

You can connect your GPS or Strava to Final Surge for hands off uploads for your coach to analyze.

The data that gets uploaded automatically for your coach to view
The data that gets uploaded automatically for your coach to view

Your coach gets a notification every time a run uploads.

He will review your run and comment EVERY DAY!

Again, NOT something a training plan can do.

Communication between an athlete and coach in Final Surge
Communication between an athlete and coach in Final Surge

There's also an easy-to-use app.

online running app

Viewing your workouts and communicating with your coach is easy as texting.

You’ll also have your coaches cell phone.

Have pre-race anxiety? Everyone does.

Not to worry.

You'll get pre-race advice and pacing from your coach to calm your nerves and feel confident about crushing it!

No training plan can do that.

online running coach and training

Premium Coaching is much more effective than training plans. Here's why...

1) Your coach uses your feedback on each run to adjust the difficulty of your future workouts and training volume.

Training plans DO NOT! Training plans assume a fixed level difficulty.

2) Your coach holds you accountable and provides encouragement to get you through those tough days. And there will be tough days.

Training plans WILL NOT! Out of sight out of mind.

3) Come raceday your coach gives you a pacing and mental tactics plan based on your training.

Training plans DO NOT! Might as well flip a coin.

online running coach

Are you ready to crush your running goals? You're just one step away from achieving results you never thought possible.

Click Here to get started with Premium Coaching.

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